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Sandra is an incredible therapist. She reads the body with wisdom and creates a safe, healing space for her clients. I am very grateful to have found her during my brief stay in Barcelona!


july 2017, Shiatsu

I have been there 3 times now, more to follow. Never before experienced such a great, wonderful, relaxing Massage. Sandra makes you not feeling your body completely. It is more than amazing. Muchas, muchas gracias.


april 2017, Massage


After the session i felt a little pressure in my head, probably from the higher bloodpressure, but no pain. My blood pressure is basically a bit low. No headache at the end.

Then when i was walking i experienced to be the “lightest” ever, i really liked that you refreshed the blood in my legs and it was wonderful… I only felt twice my legs so fresh, after i went to leach therapy 🙂 Its really nice feeling!!
I also experienced a little better smelling skill, in the last week it was stucked but you helped on it.


december 2015, Shiatsu


I am safely back in Scotland. I would like to thank you for all of your expertise when working on my back problem. The professionalism shown coupled with the environment you have created is nothing short of a 5 star experience. Please bear in mind I worked in 5 star hotels with spa facilities for many years.

I have had no trouble with my back following your treatment and I still feel superb.

I wish you well in your business venture and I will champion your cause to all.

Kindest regards and best wishes.

Thomas Callaghan

november 2013, Osteopathy

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