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Relax. Forget about stress. Find your balance and your well-being.


Find your balance and regain physical, mental and emotional wellbeing with this Japanese therapeutic bodywork. Boost your body’s natural ability to heal itself and increase your energy levels.


Japanese Facial Massage. Rejuvenate the face, smoothen expression  lines, give tone and radiance to the skin. Get deep relaxation and sense of wellbeing.

Thai Yoga Massage

Eliminate physical and mental tension with this ancient massage based on yoga-like stretching and pressures on energy lines and points.

Shiatsu for pregnancy

Get support for pregnancy, birth and postpartum with shiatsu, the ideal bodywork to relieve common discomforts during pregnancy and enjoy this very special time with better health and well-being. Share more with your baby with our baby massage!

Complementary Techniques

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Sandra is an incredible therapist. She reads the body with wisdom and creates a safe, healing space for her clients. I am very grateful to have found her during my brief stay in Barcelona!


July 2017, Shiatsu

I have been there 3 times now, more to follow. Never before experienced such a great, wonderful, relaxing Massage. Sandra makes you not feeling your body completely. It is more than amazing. Muchas, muchas gracias.


April 2017, Massage

After the session i felt a little pressure in my head, probably from the higher bloodpressure, but no pain. My blood pressure is basically a bit low. No headache at the end.

Then when i was walking i experienced to be the “lightest” ever, i really liked that you refreshed the blood in my legs and it was wonderful… I only felt twice my legs so fresh, after i went to leach therapy 🙂 Its really nice feeling!!
I also experienced a little better smelling skill, in the last week it was stucked but you helped on it.


December 2015, Shiatsu