The story behind

AMALUR ZEN started in 2010 as a dream of change, balance, composure and fulfillment. In the beginning, Amalur Zen was just a website with a blog, where Sandra shared here experiences and resources about Shiatsu and other natural therapies, as well as her lifestyle and her way of seeing the world.

In this 9 years the project has changed a lot, has undergone different metamorphoses and has evolved tremendously, although the objectives, the mission of the project, remain the same:

  • seek the balance of body, mind, emotions and spirit;
  • invite people to rediscover their body, listen to it, feel it and connect with it;
  • disseminate the culture of health, of a healthier lifestyle in harmony with the world and the people around us;
  • help people achieve well-being through self-knowledge and consciousness, to lead a fuller and happier life;
  • share and inspire, believe that a better world is possible and that we can contribute our bit to improve it.

In 2011 Sandra began offering Shiatsu treatments in Barcelona, working at different centers, collaborating with companies, and even going with the portable futon to the clients’ homes. Step by step, Amalur Zen was transforming into AMALUR ZEN.

In September 2013 AMALUR ZEN took a further step: Erik joined the project and together we opened our own holistic wellness centre in Barcelona, where we would offer new therapies and activities, and finally be a real “space for health, well-being and self-knowledge” (which was the line that opened the home page of the website in January 2011).

For 4 years we shared this space with other therapists, facilitators and teachers, who would become part of the family of AMALUR ZEN. All these people added a huge value to the project, and we were able to expand the offer of services with a team of great professionals, adding more therapies and activities such as yoga or meditation.

In November 2017 we closed our centre in Barcelona. After several months of meditating on it, Sandra decided to return to her native Basque Country, return to her roots and continue exploring the path of personal growth, health and well-being from other places, in other ways.

Our colleagues relocated to other centres, and Sandra is still offering treatments in Vitoria-Gasteiz.

What shall be the next step? 😉

Whats is the meaning of the name and logo of AMALUR ZEN?

AMALUR” comes from Basque and means “Mother Earth”. In Basque mythology Amalur was the mother of the Sun (Eguzki) and the Moon (Ilargi), and she serves as a home for all living beings and mythological creatures. Shee also created the “Eguzkilore” to protect humans from evil spirits.

ZEN” means having full attention to the present moment, becoming aware of the daily experience of living. Zen is one of the paths that exist to find the truth and to understand that we are part of a whole, of the Universe. Zen Shiatsu is named for the attitude that the therapist must develop when providing massage, similar to the state of calm and concentration that is acquired during Zen meditation.

In many countries, the chrysanthemum is a symbol of wisdom, nobility and honesty. The yellow colour symbolizes sunlight, heat and represents joy, happiness, intelligence and energy. In addition, according to the theory of the Five Elements (or Transformations), it is associated with the Earth.

(you can also read our code of ethics and professional conduct (in Spanish)).

Little by little, step by step, with love, patience and work, AMALUR ZEN will keep growing and transforming. This section has been updated for the last time in June 2018.