Meditation and Self-hypnosis for happiness

Meditation and Self-Hypnosis course, October-December 2016

with Sarah Vandecasteele

One focus:

find happiness within yourself/strong>

Two techniques:

Self-hypnosis as a tool to enter within yourself, create a kind internal dialogue.

Meditation as a technique to stop identifying with the internal noise of thoughts, learn to observe and take advantage of the silence inside and create more serenity.

These workshops are inspired by values derived from Sarah’s model on self-confidence and self-esteem, and scientific research on happiness and wellbeing.


Saturdays – 10:30 to 12:00 (every two weeks)Meditación

  • 22/10
  • 05/11
  • 19/11
  • 03/12
  • 17/12

Arrive on time! We start and finish respecting the schedule 10:30-12:00.


  • Full course (5 classes) = 50€
  • 1 class = 12€


  • Introduction
  • Hypnosis (guided step by step)
  • Autohypnosis
  • Guided or contemplative meditation
  • Space for  questions


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Sarah Vandecasteele

Sarah Vandecasteele

Psychologist, Trainer, Hypnotherapist

Sarah is a Belgian psychologist, trainer, and personal and profesional development expert who employs a range of therapeutic methods, including Hypnotherapy and the Solution Focused Approach. She has been working in Brussels and Barcelona as a certified hypnotherapist, has developed protocols for the use of self-hypnosis as a healing tool for a variety of issues.

As a trainer, Sarah shares tools with other therapists and healers, illustrates concepts with concrete examples, and tries to offer opportunities to practice in small groups. She has given trainings in Spain, Belgium, The Netherlands, Tunisia, Palestine, and Indonesia.


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